Archetypes don’t belong to our dimension. They are not from the 3D. They are a ripple within God, the universe or the creative source. They are an emanation of the creator. 

They were created to maintain order and assure that a certain pattern is maintained in the universe and the creation.

Archetypes are ubiquitous. That means they are present everywhere, in every part of the universe.

They work together, forming a perfect harmony with each other.

They help in the growth of creation as a whole, making changes and increasing complexity.


All the characteristics of the human personality are present in the archetypes.

They are in control of the ultimate reality.

Archetypes are the primordial energies of the Universe. They are the first ideas, as Plato said. They are the first manifested energies or emanations. The ideal. The template. The Perfect Being. There are numerous definitions for Archetypes and each one shows an aspect of the truth.

Archetypes are the blueprint of our Universe before it existed. They are living, conscious energies that express themselves in our world. They are symbols that determine what we feel when we see, hear or perceive them, whether consciously or unconsciously. Archetypes can be: shapes, sounds, gestures, symbols, behaviours, attitudes, situations, smells, touches, personalities, etc.

One of the main characteristics of archetypes is that they induce living beings to feel emotions in one way or another.

Archetypes are “emotional images”.

Archetypes induce emotions, through neurotransmitters and, as a consequence, we have conscious feelings.

The sight of an Archetype immediately causes an emotional response, and if that stimulus is subliminal, we won’t know why we’re feeling a certain way. This is an extremely powerful way to influence a person.

Stimuli by images provoke unconscious processing.

Which in practice means that we will be reacting before we are aware of what is happening.

Unconscious processing is through images, therefore non-verbal.